Cracking pace

Sunday’s Richmond to Motueka ride was with a pharmacist Brad, I called him Brad “the Machine” Collins. Riding a gravel bike (manual), he out-performed Matt and I on our electrics. Brad and I raced up a hill with me eating his dust! Not only did Brad set a great pace, periodically he would take a photo or video while continuing to ride – fast (to us but cruising for him).

We enjoyed the variety on this ride, coastal tracks or boardwalks, wetlands, beaches, a ferry ride, lunch at the cute seaside cafe area at Mapua, then going inland and up to a peak for a great view before riding through orchards to Motueka. Brad’s guidance and good company on the trail made the ride all the better, for example when catching the ferry and suggesting optional routes that were less bumpy, wider or with better views. He also not only spotted I had a flat tyre before I did, but got it changed and took off down to the local service station for an easier fill of the new inner tube than with the little manual pump we had. Brad clocks up a lot of miles in his race training, so is very adept with the routes and changing tyres – and knew so many people on the trail. We were very lucky he offered to join us for the day when I’d never met him before.

We had no issues with barriers on this ride, fitting through everywhere fine, although where the trail was overgrown it knocked the wing mirrors out of place, and sometimes slowed the pace pulling at the Motom on one side or the other. Our concerns about fitting on the ferry were unfounded, I just rode on up the ramp and the Motom fitted by the door fine. We were last off, waiting for everyone else first and answering as many of the ferry skipper’s enthusiastic questions about the Motom as we could.

When Brad had a go on the Motom he grinned ear to ear, and laughed out loud. When riding it you cannot help but smile, as Rob, the MND NZ fundraising manager, said.

Stats: 45 km long; 18.7 km/hour. Completely awesome ride and company, and a big thank you to Louise for picking Matt up in Motueka and taking him back to our car at Richmond!

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  1. Sounds like you’re getting in a lot of cycling and having a blast! Wonderful photos! Is Brad available for hire? Have you booked him for the rest of your trip?

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