Longer ride than planned (again)

Yesterday’s rest day saw us working while enjoying fabulous views, followed by an evening with Aunt Louise and her husband, Mack, watching an enjoyable Sicilian detective TV series. This allowed recovery from our fast-paced Sunday cycle, ready to explore a new part of the trail today. This is the Tasman Great Taste Trail and yesterday we picked up fresh raspberries from a berry farm nearby, indeed with great taste.

Foxhill to Richmond return provided another fun ride of contrasts. We cycled through forests (love that weaving in and out of trees), down quiet country roads, along an old rail trail, past surburban back yards, alongside a river with far more stones than water and over 2 swing bridges. The trail took us past hops, vineyards, fields of vegetables, orchards, a free range chicken farm, a goat farm, cattle, sheep and horses. Most of the trail was off-road, with only a small section alongside a busy road. One gateway was frustratingly about 1 cm too small for the Motom. Luckily there was a low fence nearby Matt could lift it over, but I think there’s a need to lobby for improved access for others with three wheelers.

Although planning to ride up to 40 km, we ended up riding 58 km, the longest Motom ride yet. It was easy terrain, we were having fun, and again keen to explore more. I’m so pleased we got the second battery as it means we can do these longer rides, and happily my body is managing them well too.

Although the temperature was pleasant (about 24 degrees), Matt’s chocolate turned liquid through his bag, a very messy endeavour with a need to change the treat ahead as it warms up more. We are well aware of the contrast of our beautiful days with the ex-cyclone hitting the North Island of NZ, following on from last week’s cyclone.

We have been lucky to stay at Foxhill at Louise and Mack’s place with a beautiful ever-changing view across the valley to the hills, and nearby fawns prancing and bounding with youthful energy.

Time is disappearing way too quickly here.

Stats: 58 km ride, total now about 150 km of riding since we started this trip.

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