More cycling, blue skies and blue water, surprise!

With a forecast high of 29 degrees, we decided on a morning ride for our Twizel to Lake Ōhau leg of the A2O.

Country roads, roads beside the canal, and a gravel track alongside Lake Ōhau were the key features today, with the best views at the end of the ride. We met more cyclists today, and took care on the narrow track around Lake Ōhau which just fitted my Motom, with no room for passing in many areas.

After reaching Ōhau Lodge we rode back to Ōhau Alpine Village, a small settlement of new houses, built following a fire that burnt down many of the houses in 2020. My parents arrived to collect us at the end of the ride, giving Barbara an opportunity to have her first joy ride on the Motom.

Distance: 49 km, total 371 km to date

Lake Ōhau video

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  1. Absolutely stunning scenery and fabulous weather showing off this amazing country of ours. I’m sure you’ll have many more photos to share when you get home.

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